Blamstrain : Juho Hietala / Finland
Number of releases : 5
Blamstrain aka Juho Veikko Tapio Hietala, from Helsinki Finland.

Most notably known for his seminal releases on Merck, the sublime Ensi CD ( Merck 013) and Sansi Empler on 12, as well as a series of MP3 only releases for the likes of Thinner, Monotonik and Kahvi. Blamstrain collaborates with the likes of Brothomstates, Hosni (a Moroccan based mc / singer) and other local electronic music producers in the Helsinki region.

Electronica is too restrictive a label to place on Blamstrain's output, so prolific is it and (largely unheard outside of his close friends) not settling long into one style of sound, his range of musicality and genre-hopping leaves him offering a diversity of sound that should see him placed as an important and influential artist.

Started making music in 1995. Blamstrain since 2000.
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