Bad Loop : Petteri Karjalainen / Finland
Number of releases : 2
Contrary to popular belief started: in 1991 with voyetra and modedit 2 - bad ass adlib sounds and 4 tracks through LPT

listen to: too many to mention but in the lines of björk aphex twin squarepusher brothomstates vangelis sia and khonnor

inspiration: sleep deprevation - drugs make me dumb and not very creative unfortunately

joys: helsinki during summer - driving - comfortable couches and good company

not joys: being broke all the time - nasty people - music industry and reality shows on telly

other things: falling from 4th floor balcony at age of 2 breaking my skull - moving to africa for 7 years to work in the computer industry among other things like being hypnotized in front of 500 people and stripping/giving birth on stage

gear: the boring stuff include jeskola buzz cakewalk sonar native instruments reaktor ableton live korg 01/wfd yamaha tx81z roland pc180a esi rom i/o peavey studiomix akg k270s fujitsu siemens a7640 phonic mm1002 behringer truth b2031 echo audio indigo i/o and stuff
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