Atmogat : Atmogat / Germany
Number of releases : 1
Atmogat is an electronic music and live project by Toni Polkowski and Danny Prusseit from Berlin [Germany]. Both have started their dsp influenced activity in 2001. As they began to create electronic music the productions and also the live performances were more Techno music focused. Years go by and Atmogats passion for abstract beats and wide atmospheres come to the fore. The style which is generated today is difficult to describe. Influenced by artists like Autechre, Bola, Funckarma and Einóma the music by Atmogat is unerringly Electronica, but definetly Electronica in all variations and with its own character.

So, if you would ask both what they think about categorisations the answer might be “difficult, mostly useless and disliked”.

2004 both founded their label Trachanik. If you consider the labels output you will be evocatived to Atmogats understanding for the sense of categorisations. The label publishs electronic music in different styles. The main focus is on Electronica, IDM and Ambient but also releases of Techno music could be found.
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