Altus : Mike Carss / Canada
Number of releases : 0
Carss began making music in the form of 4-channel MODs in 1993 using a program called ModEdit. He moved to Fasttracker, followed by Fasttracker 2 where he was finally able to stretch his musical wings.

During that time, he produced techno/IDM style music under the monkier Goon. His first release “Perpetual Wonder” (1996) was available on limited-release cassette. He also collaborated with Blair Vermette (a fellow artist he met in college) under the name Obtuse-idiom. They produced another limited cassette release “Ode to Bambi” (1997), followed by “Horizon” (1998) which was never properly released, however most of the tracks from that album are available in their native XM format on various archive sites on the net.

After that time, Carss grew tired of beats in general and began to experiment with more ambient styles of music. The result was “Moonlight” (2000), which was never properly released to the public at all. It was different, but he wasn’t terribly happy with the final result.

Then suddenly everything clicked, and Altus was born.

After writing “24 Hours” (2001), a concept album consisting of four 15-minute tracks, he had found his calling. Inspiration struck hard. Between 2001 to 2010, Altus has produced 25 albums ranging from light ambient/new age, dark ambient, symphonic and drone.
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