Aaron Jasinski : Aaron Jasinski / USA
Number of releases : 5
Musical blood runs in my family. My brother and father are both classical musicians, that is where I had my start; playing bass in highschool and college orchestras.

I have been interested in electronic music since listening to Brian Eno, Tomita, and space music in my fathers huge record collection.

I started making music on our family's Apple 2gs and have found my way into synthesizers and samplers from there on.

The first board I had was an Ensoniq EPS16plus. I remember the music store sales guy trying to talk me out of a sampler in 1990 cuz 'these things are just a fad and they are on their way out of popularity'.

Hmm. Anyways, since then I have collected and sold a lot of gear, and I must say I am partial to hardware, though I do use a lot of software. And I am still using Apple as my computer workstation. I view my music creations as a search, though I don't know what I am searching for. I love rhythm, but I also love texture and melody. I oscillate between these elements a lot.
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